Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Can You Reinvent Too Much?

The last few weeks have been spent wondering "what the hell am I going to blog about?" This started off as an experiment with me leaving Facebook and documenting it; and has morphed into my own non-private thinking out-loud forum, or as I like to think of it, "brain-barf." Knowing myself the way I do and my obvious case of adult ADD, I know that if I want to continue to blog (which I do), I'm going to need some sort of identity or direction. I can't simply sit down and start typing about whatever pops into my head; using that approach I can clearly see myself saying "no, that's lame, listen to music and dance around the house instead" (Don't act like you don't).

This self-reflection has brought me to an exciting place, actually. I've decided I need to reinvent myself a bit. Create an online persona, or presence, that has a bit more purpose than brain-barfing all over the place; something that interest me and perhaps others along the way. The exciting thing to me is, I'm no stranger to reinvention. I can think of at least four MAJOR reinventions in my life. There was the "oh shit, I better buckle down and start caring about my education" reinvention. Followed-up with the "oh shit, I'm not in college anymore and I need a job" reinvention. Who can forget their first "oh shit, I want a new career" reinvention? And of course, anyone who's been in a long-term relationship that didn't work out has had the "oh shit, I'm single now" reinvention. However those moments of reinvention are the obvious ones; what about the not so obvious moments of reinvention?

Aren't we in constant state of reinvention in some way? I'd like to think so. While it may not be so obvious, my point-of-view is that we are continually receiving inputs and stimuli from the outside world, processing them, and reacting to them. Now, unless you've created an entirely sterile environment in which you live and work in, you are probably likely to encounter a new situation at some point during the day/week/month/year. This new situation, while not glaring or obvious, will cause you to react and think differently in one way or another. Now, it's up to the individual whether or not they change anything because of this experience. After all, this is basic human behavior and brain-based learning theory. So am I really stretching in calling this a reinvention? Probably, and I won't argue that, but work with me here. What about the case of the disgruntled employee? This particular employee has a boss that is a micro-manager and is never satisfied with her employees output. She is constantly nagging on the employees and making them feel small or undervalued (anybody been here? I have). This employee has options. They can either continue to take the beatings and succumb to their own private misery. Or, they can reinvent themselves a little bit to best handle the situation. From this particular perspective, the reinvention can be significant, such as quitting or beginning to search for a new job, or it can be small, such as altering their own perspective of the situation to help lift themselves out of misery. Some might call it self-awareness or an attitude adjustment. In my opinion, a reinvention of sorts. The key to reinvention is recognizing when you need to change something; it doesn't always have to be a major life-changing event.

For this particular little reinvention, I'm going to begin by taking action in this blog space. I've recognized a need to change something and will take the appropriate actions necessary to make the change happen. I'll reduce the brain-barf, not eliminate it (I like having an area to think out-loud and present randomness), I'm going to focus on some things that interest me; such as health & fitness, fashion, food, and random nonsense & humor. Someone in my life has inspired me to start shooting some videos, so that's on the horizon (I've already got my first idea swirling around my head, I can also see some "Cooking for the Single Guy" videos brewing). From there, who knows? All that really matters is that I continue to improve, continue to change, challenge myself, take risks, don't take myself too seriously, and continuously reinvent myself. After all, I've seen the other side of's boring, stale, and stagnant...not for me. So please, for yourself, keep reinventing, don't let fear make decisions for you, get uncomfortable, and most importantly....take action!

Coming soon to a blog near you, brought to you by @MindOfJeff...if I can just figure out how tweak this page...wish me luck!